You Can Now Grab A Game Handle For Your Netflix Account


Players can now create a gaming handle--a public username that can be used across all mobile games in the streaming service--for their Netflix accounts.

On iOS, players will need to download Royal Pirates or LuckyLuna and follow directions for creating a username. On Android, players can navigate to the games tab in the Netflix mobile app and choose "Create your Netflix game handle," option.

Netflix added mobile games to its service in November 2021, but only recently has its mobile library started gaining critical attention. Though, as reported in August 2022, Netflix subscribers haven't been as quick to check out its library of games. Less than 1% of subscribers play Netflix's games.

As for why Netflix has suddenly turned its attention to games, it named Epic Games' Fortnite and TikTok as primary competitors for consumers' attention--rather than other streaming platforms like HBO Max or Hulu.

The company promised to add around 50 games before the end of 2022, and recently announced the opening of its new mobile game studio, helmed by Marko Lastikka who previously held positions at Zynga and EA.

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