Gotham Knights Trailer Showcases High-End Visual Features On PC


We're less than a month away from Gotham Knights, and WB Montreal is using the time it has left to showcase the game's visual features for those who will play on PC. From ray tracing and 4K to ultrawide mode and ultra-high framerate options, the PC version of the open-world action-RPG may wind up the prettiest and smoothest version of them all when it arrives in October.

Check out the trailer for yourself. Even if you won't be playing on PC, it might be fun getting another look at the game if you're excited to put on one of the story's four heroic masks.

Gotham Knights arrives during a busy October but is expected to be one of the biggest games of the month. Though Batman is allegedly not playable in the game, it does seem to take some cues, both visual and narrative, from the Batman Arkham series, though WB has made it clear that 2023's Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is the next DC Comics-based game to actually share a story universe with Rocksteady's revered Arkham games. Gotham Knights is, thus, a sort of reset that imagines a post-Batman Gotham where the Court of Owls has emerged from the shadows to disrupt the city's already-hanging-by-a-thread civility.

Still, WB Montreal is no stranger to the Bat-Family, having earlier developed Batman Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Rocksteady trilogy, which even included an asymmetrical multiplayer mode where two players would take on the roles of Batman and Robin as they pummeled rival goons caught in a firefight of their own. Gotham Knights swoops in on October 21.