Disney Mirrorverse 2.0 Update Adds Hades, Cruella De Vil, And Rift Raids


Kabam has announced the Disney Mirrorverse 2.0 updates, which will bring new playable characters and a brand-new raid mode to the mobile action- RPG.

Hades, the blue-skinned lord of the underworld from Hercules, will become part of the playable roster after spending much of the game's story mode as a key villain. His ranged attacks can inflict burns for extra damage, or even cause an enemy to explode and heavily damage other enemies in the area.

Cruella de Vil, as portrayed in Disney Mirrorverse.

Joining Hades will be Cruella de Vil, the 101 Dalmatians baddie who in this universe is a "Queen of Crime" known for completing daring heists--a sort of Cruella Sandiego. She wields a "sonic disruptor" that fires lasers at enemies, making her a potent option for fighting enemies at a distance.

Finally, the Disney Mirrorverse 2.0 update will add Rift Raid events as a playable mode. Rift Raids will see players fighting through three levels of Fractured enemies--Minion, Sentinel, and Gatekeeper--in order to unlock Rift Tiers. Each Rift Tier will offer new rewards at the event of a Rift Raid event, including gold, Motes used to level up characters, and gems used to summon new characters to the team.

Disney Mirrorverse is an action-RPG that lets players control unique versions of famous Disney characters as they battle against a threat called the Fractured. The game is available to download now on iOS and Android devices.

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